Community partnerships

Supporting our communities


Our work extends beyond our laboratories. We’re committed to being a good neighbour and supporting our local communities, focusing our efforts where we can make the biggest difference to the wellbeing of our people and our planet. We all benefit by being part of stronger, more resilient community.


Our people are encouraged to volunteer at least once a year, we provide grants to local community projects via the Cadbury Foundation and we cash match fundraising efforts. Here are just a few examples of our work:

Dogs for Good

Through our partnership with Dogs for Good, we support the training of assistance dogs from a growing young puppy to the moment they begin their new lives helping children and adults lead more independent lives. Our newest sponsor dog Ludo has just begun his adventure - you can follow his journey here.

Dogs For Good Image

Science Outreach

We’re bringing science to life for the next generation, meeting with schools and other educational institutions to inspire young minds. Keep an eye out for updates on how we are getting young people to think about science differently!

Science Outreach