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Tailored technical solutions throughout your product's lifecycle


Our clients trust us to deliver food concept developments and innovative solutions to real-world problems facing the global food and consumer goods industry. We work hand in hand with our clients to scope, develop and manufacture products that are not only innovative and relevant to consumer needs but are also trusted for their safety, quality and sustainability. From our scientists and professional chefs to our regulatory and market experts, we’re by your side, 24/7.


We work with our clients to anticipate trends, identify market openings, create compelling solutions and provide the insight and support to ensure a successful launch. We also support you post-launch with a range of food consultancy, food safety and quality services to ensure you have stringent controls and processes in place to protect the consumer and your brand reputation.


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    Market insights & concept prototyping

    Good products start with good ideas but bringing them to life can be a challenge. With up-to-date analysis of the latest consumer trends and market forces, plus our deep ingredient and formulation knowledge our experts can help facilitate this process by identifying innovative food concept development and strategic opportunities for your portfolio.

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    Research & food product development

    Innovation isn’t just about inspiration. It takes solid research, agile iteration and in-depth due diligence to turn a promising concept idea into a commercial success. Our experts work closely with our clients to assess the commercial and technical feasibility of a concept. We undertake the in-depth scientific groundwork to ensure product functionality is achievable.

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    Analytical testing & technical solutions

    We’re experts in analytical testing, providing clients with the scientific data to optimise their product development. From quantifying individual ingredients, verifying label claims, understanding ingredient stability to understanding how specific processing conditions will impact taste and product performance, we provide data you can rely on

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    Food safety & quality

    We understand that getting your product to market is only half the story.  We're here to support you post-launch with a range of food safety, food safety and quality services to ensure you have the stringent controls and processes in place to protect the consumer and your brand reputation.

Meet our technical specialists

Mark Auty

Internationally recognised food microstructure expert across multiple product categories. Published over 100 scientific papers. Winner of Food and Drink Federation (FDF) Scientist of the Year 2021. Fellow of the Institute for Food Science and Technology and the Royal Microscopical Society.

Carole Bingley

Extensive experience of product development and ingredient evaluation across numerous food categories including plant proteins, vegan meat and dairy alternatives, sweeteners and bulking agents. Fellow of the Institute for Food Science & Technology.

Fred Gates

Extensive experience in food research with particular focus on physical properties and the impact of food processing on product characteristics.

Robert Griffiths

Extensive experience in the analysis, uses and properties of Oils, Fats & Lipids in a variety of food and non-food applications. Current Chairman of the British Standards Institution (BSI) Oilseeds, Fats & Oils Committee. Member of the Society of Chemical Industry Lipids Committee

Barbara Hirst

An allergen management specialist, with broad analytical and technical expertise gained over 20 years in the food industry. Actively involved with industry, clinical and regulatory bodies, as well as patient support groups.

Daniele Leonarduzzi

Material Scientist with many years’ experience in a broad range of industries, linking physical attributes to key process and quality parameters in order to facilitate scale-up and speed up product launches

Ellen Norman

Wide range of chemical analysis experience, with a specialist interest in linking analysis to the process and product. Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and Chair of the Food and Drink Federation residues and contaminants committee.

Paul O'Nion

Experienced chromatographer specialising in flavour and taints analysis using multi-dimensional chromatography, mass spectrometry and troubleshooting. Member of the Industry Advisory Board for CAMS.

David Wright

Experienced materials scientist and microscopist specialising in packaging materials testing and material structure. A Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining and Institute of Food Science and Technology.

Quality you can trust

We’re committed to robust data and quality systems so you can rely on our science and analytics. We deliver work of the highest

technical standard, supported by an extensive quality system, for results you can trust.

FDA approved, MHRA certified, UKAS accredited