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End-to-end analytical solutions


Our clients trust us to deliver innovative solutions to real-world problems facing the global life sciences, pharmaceutical, healthcare and personal care sectors.


From our state-of-the-art facilities in Reading, UK, our multi-disciplinary team of >250 scientists works hand in hand with our clients to scope, develop and manufacture innovative drug products that are capable of transforming lives around the world.


We offer a diverse range of biological, microbiological, chemical and physical analytical services as well as pharmaceutical analysis services across all phases of clinical development through to commercial release. We also provide bespoke training and consultancy solutions.

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    GMP & CMC laboratory testing

    It is vital to produce drug products in accordance with GMP and CMC standards to show that your product is safe and effective. RSSL can support you with this with lot release testing, environmental monitoring and impurity testing in response to the latest regulatory changes.

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    Biologics analytical support

    The rapid rise in the number of biopharmaceuticals has altered the face of the global pharmaceutical marketplace and as patents expire biosimilar competition will emerge. RSSL can support you in meeting regulatory requirements, and with our pharmaceutical analysis and tests take your biopharmaceutical from concept to market.

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    ICH stability guidelines & studies

    The long term stability of drug products (and other healthcare-related products) is key to their quality, efficacy, safety and commercialisation. As a result, it is vital to carry out stability studies conforming to ICH requirements and ICH guidelines that challenge your prototypes and products in a range of environments. 

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    Sterility & microbiology tests

    Microbiological safety is vital for all pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and medical device products. Sterility testing and microbiology tests is a vital requirement when bringing new products to market or assessing the safety of a drug product or medical device post-launch. We can support you meeting regulatory requirements and ensure the quality of your end product with our pharmaceutical tests.

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    Contamination & impurities test

    We aim to solve any contamination and impurity testing problems you face. Using our scientific expertise and wide knowledge of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries we will support you with raw materials, manufacturing processes or finished products.

Quality you can trust

We’re committed to robust data and quality systems so you can rely on our science and analytics. We deliver work of the highest technical standard, supported by an extensive quality system, for pharmaceutical analysis results you can trust. 

FDA approved, MHRA certified, UKAS accredited