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With over 30 years of experience, RSSL has a proven track record of delivering the most up-to-date training and consultancy services to the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, medical device, and healthcare industries. We are here to support the career aspirations of pharmaceutical professionals and the skills development of your organisation at all levels.


Since 2003, we have been committed to supporting aspiring Qualified Persons (QPs) to become the best in industry through our highly recognised Qualified Person and VIVA support programme. Approved by the Royal Society of Chemistry, our 11-core knowledge Qualified Person modules are developed in a way that they offer both the theoretical and practical learning experience that is needed for a trainee QP to not only pass their VIVA, but also apply in their day-to-day work life as a QP.


NEW FOR 2023 - We are in the process of creating a blended learning approach for our QP modules, by adding eLearning Knowledge Reinforcement Modules to each of the core modules.


Trainee QPs choose RSSL because our programme provides the most cost-effective, flexible and reliable way to pass their VIVA. The longest QP module in our programme is 3 days and our QP alumni say that the shorter duration of our QP modules, provides just the right length of study time and also gives them the ability to stay on top of their demanding day jobs. 


If you are interested in finding out more about how to become a QP, then why not attend our QP or Not QP - a webinar for aspiring QPs

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    Why QPs train with us

    At RSSL, we have vast experience in training QPs, and all our QP courses are approved by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC). There are a significant number of great reasons why you should undertake your QP journey with us:


    • RSC Approved Training
    • Bespoke Tailored modules designed for today’s modern working lifestyles
    • Short duration (2 or 3 days) – less time away from the workplace, less outlay on fees and accommodation
    • Each module is self-contained and scheduled up to three times a year allowing you to choose the order and the format (online or face-to-face) in which you take modules
    • Industry-leading, vastly experienced Tutors
    • Interactive problem-based training, in small groups, designed to maximise learning
    • All tutors are current industry subject matter experts, with a pragmatic approach
    • Practicing QPs support every module, current professional body assessors mean you know what to expect at Viva.
    • Exceptional, Industry-leading first-time pass rates
    • Practical “on the job” training which will provide you with more evidence to pass your Viva – not just theory based
    • A comprehensive CV Gap Analysis
    • We don’t just do QP courses – we have expertise in many other areas too
    • Flexibility and understanding if you need to change the dates of your courses
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    The RSSL QP Pathway

    Here at RSSL, we see the goal of becoming a QP as a journey with up to five-stepping stones. A journey that we have successfully supported aspiring QPs for over 20 years and continue to do so, always looking to improve our training offerings.


    The five stages include the option to attend a FREE webinar at stage 1, a professional CV Gap analysis at stage 2, QP training career development at stage 3, filling out your application form and preparing for your Viva at stage 4, and Continuing Professional Development and beyond at stage 5.


    Why not attend our FREE webinar, To QP or Not to QP - QP Webinar for aspiring QPs, and find out more about how to become a QP.

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    Our QP Pathway Packages

    At RSSL we recognise that undertaking the journey to become a QP can be long and challenging. We have a number of different packages that could help you in your quest to qualify as a new QP.


    The benefits of signing up for a QP Pathway Package:


    • All your courses are RSC approved and all in one place
    • There is a cost saving for you on each of our packages
    • Support in booking your courses
    • Support on your journey to becoming a QP
    • The cost of the CV Gap Analysis will be absorbed into your package


    If you do decide that RSSL is for you and agree to sign up for and take a qualifying number of modules to become a QP then we have a variety of different packages that may be of interest to you – please contact us directly on 0118 918 4000, or email us at trainingsales@rssl.com 

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    QP alumni testimonials

    Hear from RSSL’s qualified person (QP) alumni about their experiences of our QP training programme


    • Joanne Harrison - Qualified person, MSD Animal Health
    • Nina Dosanjh - Acting head of quality, Perrigo
    • Achilles Tzoris - Head of quality, Animax
    • Remi Dame- Head of quality assurance management, Medreich

Considering becoming a QP?

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QP or Not to QP - a webinar for aspiring QPs

This webinar explores the role of the Qualified Person (QP), what’s involved in becoming a QP. and you’ll hear from a current practicing QP.

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CV Gap Analysis

A free service, we will review your work history and experience, then provide a written report with your personalised assessment.

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Speak to our QP Manager

If you'd like to discuss your options and gain more information, our QP Programme Manager is here to help.

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