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Becoming a Qualified Person (QP) is not just a career choice, its an opportunity to impact patient lives.  As a QP, you'll play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety, quality and efficacy of pharmaceutical products. Our comprehensive QP training program leaves no stone unturned,  providing you with the comprehensive preparation needed to become an exceptional QP


Decades of dedication and excellence

For over 20 years, we've supported aspiring QPs on their journey to becoming industry leaders.  Our Royal Society of Chemistry approved QP training programme features 11 core modules with a perfect blend of theoretical and practical learning experiences, preparing you for VIVA success. We also provide mentorship, eLearning reinforcement, supplementary courses, continuous Qualified Person learning opportunities and career support to empower you on your journey to excel as a professional QP. 


Learn from the best, be the best

Choose RSSL, and learn from the best. Our pharmaceutical Qualified Person training program is led by a diverse team of practicing QPs, VIVA assessors, renowned academics from the University of Reading and highly respected Technical Specialists from RSSL's analytical laboratories. You will benefit from a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience. Our QP training course is the most cost-effective, flexible and reliable pathway to VIVA success. Our alumni praise the support we provide, the strong QP community we foster, and our commitment to giving you the essential knowledge and skills.


We wont be beaten on price

At RSSL, we wont be beaten on price best for QP Training. If you find a comparable offer for less, we'll match it.



Ready to take your next step? Curious about the QP training journey?


Contact our QP Training Advisor to learn more on trainingsales@rssl.com or join our upcoming webinar, 'To QP or not to QP?' designed for aspiring QPs like you.  Get a glimpse into a rewarding career, what it takes to succeed and your potential to impact the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. 

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    Our QP loyalty scheme

    We have introduced a loyalty scheme for our trainee QPs, as you progress through our QP training courses, you unlock exclusive benefits:


    • Basic (3 QP courses) 

    - Gain free QP support services worth £850

    • Silver (6 QP courses) 

    - Access free QP support services/courses worth £5,390

    • Gold (10 QP courses) 

    - Enjoy free QP support services/courses worth £9,130

    • Platinum (12 QP courses) 

    - Receive free QP support services/courses worth £11,380


    At RSSL, we wont be beaten on price. If you find a comparable offer for less, we'll match it.


    Contact our team to learn more about our loyalty scheme

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    The RSSL QP career pathway

    At RSSL, the path to becoming a QP involves these five essential stages:

    Stage 1: Join our free webinar to explore the QP career path

    Stage 2:  Get a professional CV gap analysis

    Stage 3: Complete modules for VIVA success

    Stage 4: Prepare for your VIVA with our expert tutors 

    Stage 5: Enhance your career with CPD


    Contact our team for RSSL career pathway details.

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    Why QPs train with us

    Countless reasons make RSSL the preferred choice for aspiring QPs.  Begin your journey with us, and you will benefit from:


    • Outstanding first-time pass rates at VIVA
    • Small groups, led by expert tutors including QPs, VIVA assessors and top academics
    • Tailored modules to the QP study guide, RSC approved
    • Flexible, cost effective, modular approach
    • Interactive problem-based learning with real-world cases 
    • Extensive support programme: group mentoring, 1-2-1s, eLearning reinforcement modules 
    • Access to QP alumni and learning community
    • Detailed CV gap analysis and personalised learning journey
    • We wont be beaten on price. If you find a comparable offer for less, we'll match it.


    Interested in learning more about our QP training courses? Contact our team below. 

What our QP alumni say

Don't just take our word for it. Hear from our QP alumni as they share their firsthand experiences with our QP training program and QP workshop.

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QP training courses and support programme


Our QP training provides a unique learning experience that blends flexibility and face-to-face interaction to suit busy professional life. Our core training courses (RSC approved), come with a strong support programme, designed to give you the knowledge and skills to be successful at VIVA and excel as a QP. 



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