Best Practice in Allergen Cleaning Validation

4.00 Hour/s

CPD Hours: 4


This half day online course, led by one of our expert consultants, will lay out the best practices that should be adopted when carrying out allergen cleaning validation.

Putting appropriate measures in place to manage and mitigate food allergen risks has never been more important, and cleaning is one of the key controls manufacturers employ to support this. During this course we will delve into each stage of the process, from planning to execution, to addressing some of the challenges that may appear along the way.

Highly interactive and incorporating group-based learning exercises, the course considers a range of different manufacturing environments, covering key aspects of sampling, testing considerations and guidance on choosing the best target for the clean.

This course is ideal for anyone involved in designing or carrying out allergen cleaning validation studies, those that review supplier’s cleaning validation or for anyone looking to refresh their knowledge.

The course covers the following topics :

  • Setting the scene
    • Distinguishing between different hyper sensitivities to food
    • Introduction to cleaning validation
    • Standards and the law
  • Planning the cleaning validation
    • Basics of a cleaning validation
    • Different testing methods and choosing the right test
    • Considerations for cleaning
    • Focus on sampling
  • Performing the cleaning validation
    • Identification of sampling points
    • Demonstration of practical swabbing techniques
  • Interpretation next steps
    • Interpreting results
    • Group interactive exercise
  • Verification & monitoring
    • Definitions of verification & monitoring
    • Overview of different factory-based testing methods

    By the end of this course you will:

    • Understand the key considerations for planning a successful cleaning validation study
    • Know how to choose the best target for the cleaning
    • Be aware of the most suitable testing methods to use and why
    • Know how to interpret your results and decide on next steps
    • Understand how to effectively verify the cleaning on an ongoing basis
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Meet the tutors

Barbara Hirst

Barbara Hirst is widely recognised as an expert in the field of allergen management. Her extensive analytical background coupled with more than 20 years of experience working with food manufacturers and retailers allows her to provide support to food businesses in all aspects of allergen management, from risk assessment to implementation of the controls required to manage those risks.

Jessica Sage

Jessica Sage started her career in the laboratory where she gained extensive experience in advising on appropriate testing methods for allergens. She now has more than 15 years’ experience of working with food businesses, and a solid understanding of different manufacturing environments which she uses to advise businesses on how to manage allergens effectively.

Leyla Collins

Leyla Collins has 10 years’ experience of supporting food businesses and is well versed in advising on allergen risk analysis and effective allergen management. Leyla is skilled in recommending the best testing approaches and advising on how to collect the evidence required to demonstrate that allergens are being managed effectively.

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