Considerations for Allergen Sampling and Analysis

4.00 Hour/s

CPD Hours: 4


This half day online course, led by one of our expert consultants, will outline the key considerations for anyone needing to sample and test for food allergens in products, ingredients and environmental samples.

Testing plays an important role in the management of allergens within a food business. It can be critical in supporting contamination investigations and the substantiation of label claims. In this course, we will give you the tools to ensure you are carrying out the right testing to provide the information you need, along with an awareness of the potential pitfalls.

Highly interactive, the course considers a range of scenarios where sampling and testing might be needed, covering key aspects of where and how to sample and which testing methods should be used.

This course is ideal for anyone involved in allergen sampling and testing, for those that review testing data from suppliers or for anyone looking to refresh their knowledge.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Setting the scene
    • Food allergy, intolerance and Coeliac disease
    • Regulated allergens
  • Sampling
    • Key considerations for sampling including sample type, size and location
    • The importance of including a positive control
  • Analysis
    • Different types of laboratory-based tests
    • Considerations and common challenges when commissioning allergen testing
    • Some pros and cons of factory-based tests
  • Interpretation
    • How to interpret your testing results
    • Applying uncertainty to results
  • Interactive exercise
    • Working in groups to interrogate results from testing

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    By the end of this course you will:

    • Know the differences between food hypersensitivities, such as allergies and intolerances
    • Understand the key considerations for successful sampling
    • Be aware of the different tests available and when to use them
    • Have knowledge of the potential challenges and watchouts around testing
    • Know how to interpret your results and decide on next steps
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Meet the tutors

Barbara Hirst

Barbara Hirst is widely recognised as an expert in the field of allergen management. Her extensive analytical background coupled with more than 20 years of experience working with food manufacturers and retailers allows her to provide support to food businesses in all aspects of allergen management, from risk assessment to implementation of the controls required to manage those risks.

Jessica Sage

Jessica Sage started her career in the laboratory where she gained extensive experience in advising on appropriate testing methods for allergens. She now has more than 15 years’ experience of working with food businesses, and a solid understanding of different manufacturing environments which she uses to advise businesses on how to manage allergens effectively.

Leyla Collins

Leyla Collins has 10 years’ experience of supporting food businesses and is well versed in advising on allergen risk analysis and effective allergen management. Leyla is skilled in recommending the best testing approaches and advising on how to collect the evidence required to demonstrate that allergens are being managed effectively.

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