Allergens and the law - the essentials (eLearning)

1.50 Hour/s

CPD Hours: 1


Are you in need of an efficient way of meeting industry requirements for training yourself or your team about allergens?

Our new eLearning course is designed to allow delegates to learn at their own pace at a time and place that suits them. The course is fully online with no time limits and an immediate start.

This course has been developed by RSSL’s Food Safety consultants and will introduce the topic of allergens, explaining what they are and how and why we need to communicate with consumers about them.Delegates will learn about the types of food hypersensitivities people can have, including allergies, intolerances, and coeliac disease, and understand what the differences between these conditions are. The course explains what information must be provided legally to consumers and how this must be done for different types of food, including prepacked foods and foods sold loose, as well as covering Natasha’s Law. Delegates will be taught about how important clear communication with the consumer is, and some basics around best practices for handling and working with allergens.

There are knowledge checks included throughout the course to allow the delegate to monitor their own progress and a final assessment at the end which requires a score of 12 out of 15 in order to pass. On successful completion of the course, a digital certificate will be issued immediately for the delegate’s training records.

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This course has been designed as an accessible way to introduce team members working in the food industry to the topic of allergens, and to help them understand the importance of handling them in line with industry best practices and why it is so critical that the consumer receives the correct information.
The course has four sections followed by an assessment and takes around 1 and half hours to complete. The sections cover :

  • Food hypersensitivities:
    • Food allergy
    • Food intolerance
    • Coeliac disease
  • The allergens that we are required to declare
  • The legal requirements
    • Prepacked foods
    • Foods sold loose
    • Prepacked for direct sale (Natasha’s Law)
    • Distance selling (e.g takeaways)
  • Providing voluntary information
    • Precautionary warnings (like ‘may contain’)
    • Offering free-from foods
  • Final assessment

    By the end of the course delegates will know and understand:

    • The key elements required to understand food allergen safety
    • The different types of food hypersensitivity and the impact they have on individuals
    • The allergens that need to be declared in foods
    • The legal requirements for providing allergen information for foods sold prepacked, prepacked for direct sale (PPDS) and foods sold loose or via distance selling
    • How precautionary allergen information such as ‘may contain’ should be used and the responsibility of offering free-from foods

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Allergens and the law

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