Leadership and influencing skills for QPs and new managers

1 Day/s

CPD Hours: 7

Online, in-house

Developing effective leadership and management skills is challenging in any situation, but when you are analysing critical data and making important decisions that won’t always be popular, it is essential to have advanced leadership and influencing skills. Learn how to become a successful leader/manager, improve communication, make better decisions, manage conflict and build credibility.

Using the latest science and research about how our brains work, coupled with researched psychology to understand interpersonal relationships and how conflict arises, this course can help you avoid unnecessary difficulties and help you excel in your role as a QP, RP and first-time manager.

Experience in the industry and technical knowledge provides a solid foundation for competence, but with enhanced leadership skills you will achieve better job satisfaction, career progression and be able to handle stressful situations and conflict more proficiently.

This course is suitable for trainee Qualified Persons, Trainee QPs, Responsible Persons, Deputy RPs, QA Managers, QC Managers or Production Managers or any first manager in the pharmaceutical industry.
The course will cover:

  • Basic neuroscience and how this effects people’s responses to various situations
  • How science helps us manage people day to day and in difficult situations
  • Conflict resolution (managing it and avoiding it)!
  • Processing information to make difficult decisions; communicating difficult decisions and managing the responses that may not always be positive
  • Understanding how our brain is responding to others so we can manage people successfully; discovering your strengths and maximising your personal impact
  • Effective communication; getting what you need to do your job and managing others to do theirs
  • Influencing and building rapport to effectively carry out your work, reaching correct outcomes; this involves communication with an array of different people and different levels
  • Looking at the challenges of your role and analysing solutions to the most common problems

    By the end of the course, you will:

    • Appreciate how understanding the science of communication can impact on success
    • Recognise and effectively respond to potential areas for conflict
    • Use influencing and persuasion skills to achieve positive work outcomes
    • Identify strengths and develop own personal leadership style
    • Communicate difficult decisions in a professional and appropriate manner
    • Work through some real-life challenges with colleagues, creating useful tools and strategies for the future

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Lainy Russsell

Lainy Russell is a highly experienced senior leader who works as an incredibly successful trainer, coach and mentor. In her training and coaching she has helped many people, with some of the most challenging situations that managers and leaders face today.

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