Aaron's story

I created a platform that celebrates RSSL’s workforce diversity.

Aaron, Pharmaceutical Chemistry



Not long after I joined RSSL, it struck me that this company is made up of a wonderful mix of people. Just walking down the corridors you often hear conversations in a variety of languages. And there’s never a shortage of stories being shared about family events that are rooted in different cultures and faiths.


This made me think about how we could celebrate our diversity and channel it into regular events for everyone to share. Ten years on and I’m proud to say that this initiative, which is known as ‘Spectrum’, is still going strong. Most importantly, it’s not driven by me but by the ideas and interests of everyone within RSSL.  


We’ve had taster language sessions which over the years have included Polish, German and French. There have also been talks about a particular country’s cultural and historical background. And of course, calendar dates are always an interesting source of inspiration. Chinese New Year, Saint Nicholas Day, Diwali and many others have all been brought to life by our colleagues from a very personal perspective.


But there really are no limits on what can be suggested. We’ve had hobby sessions on origami, crochet and knitting, and recently started an open table debate where people are invited to express and discuss their ideas. I have to admit, science related topics are popular - but that’s hardly surprising!

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One event we’re very much hoping to revive is Reading Pride, which sadly had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. The 2019 trip was a massive success, many employees joined in and we had a lot of fun on the day.


Whatever the activity - and we try to plan one a month - the main thing is that people feel empowered to bring a little bit more of themselves to work. We also encourage all new starters to get involved, bring fresh ideas and help Spectrum continue to evolve and thrive.


Interestingly, from a professional point of view, being open to change is certainly something I’ve embraced during my career at RSSL. Having held technical and commercial roles, in both food and pharmaceutical departments, I have continued to learn, adapt and develop.


In fact, I would go further and say that managing change is now very much part of my day-to-day responsibilities. Market demands, digital technologies and people’s appetite for new work experiences all seem to be accelerating at pace. These are certainly exciting times.