Hannah's story

No two days are the same

Hannah, Product and Ingredient Innovation (PII)



Joining RSSL on the apprenticeship scheme turned out to be the best possible start for my career. During those two years, I moved between various labs, learning from experienced scientists and gaining invaluable, practical experience.


That’s not to say it was easy. With each rotation, I was thrown in the deep end and had to learn a completely new set or skills. And just as I started getting comfortable, I was moved on again. But I thrived in this environment. Particularly as everyone was so welcoming, encouraging and generous with their time.


At the end of the scheme, I knew I had found my calling and applied for the role of PII technician. Having spent time in each department, this had become my firm favourite. So, I was delighted to secure the position and be able to continue my professional journey at RSSL.


What I love about my job now is that every project is a learning experience. One day things can be going well, the next they’re not and the challenge is to find out why. This may involve further research or discussion with senior scientists. But there is always collaboration and a strong team ethic.


It’s also exciting to track new food trends and be involved with product innovation in the very early stages. Just knowing I have helped to develop a new product that is now on shelf for others to enjoy is really rewarding. It also allows me to let me creative side come through. Just last week, I came up with a new flavour for a savoury sauce which the client loved.

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At the same time, I also feel fortunate that RSSL has encouraged me to enrol on a food science and technology apprenticeship degree. As someone who was in two minds about whether to go to university after school, I am delighted to now be able to realise this ambition.


The four-year, part-time course means I can study at my own pace, while still being in full-time employment. RSSL is also fully supportive of the need to be flexible around my studies. I can take one study day every fortnight and attend university four times a year for a week of face-to-face lectures.


This is just the latest example of ow RSSL remains focused on my continual development. What’s great is that there is always clear and transparent communication with my line manager, which means I know exactly what I need to do to get to the next level. An approach which helped me work towards and achieve my first promotion recently.


But it’s not all about work. We are a close-knit team and will always support each other.