Commercialisation of a recipe for a chilled dessert

A client approached our product ingredient and innovation team looking for support with the commercialisation of a product they had developed. Here's how we helped.

The challenge


Our product and innovation team met with the client to discuss their new product: a chilled dessert they had developed in a domestic kitchen. The client had clear criteria for this product and needed help to ensure their product was viable for scaling up. They wanted the product to be:


  • Vegetarian
  • Use kitchen ingredients
  • Have a simple line
  • Be low in fat (under 3g per 100g)

Our approach

In order to undertake the development, a work programme with several phases was agreed with the client. Initially high quality ingredients were identified and sourced from industrial suppliers, looking for the most cost-effective solutions for the client.


Small batches of products were then developed at bench-scale to optimise the formulation and try to match as far as possible the colour, flavour and texture of the domestically produced product. During the development of the product the nutrition of each formulation was calculated to ensure the product was low in fat.


Whilst developing the formulation, it was recommended to the client that they found a co-manufacturer so that the formulation and the ingredient information could be transferred for scale up.

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The results


After an optimised recipe was agreed with the client and all the criteria had been met, the team assisted with the pilot trials at the co-manufacturer facilities.


Samples (in final packaging) were put onto storage testing to check the shelf-life and the microbial stability of the products. The client then worked with the manufacturer to scale up to production.

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