There are clear advantages in developing a product containing an ingredient or ingredients with proven health benefits. The EFSA has reported that the EU has seen an increase in the number of foods bearing nutrition and health claims such as “low fat”, “no added sugar” or “high in fibre”. However there are few health claims relating to functional ingredients that have been accepted by the EFSA with those that are accepted also including the quantities and situations of use. Food manufacturers must have a complete understanding of their ingredients and how processes, packaging, and other ingredients affect the status of the functional ingredient within the finished product.

RSSL is able to support you with functional food claims, due diligence and labelling. Many of our in-house analytical method are UKAS accredited. We can analyse for a wide range of ingredients including vitamins and minerals, natural products (echinacea, ginseng, ginkgo and more), omega 3 (GLA, CLA, EPA, DHA), fats and oil testing (lipid testing and lipid analysis), functional ingredients (glucosamine, carnitine, choline), sweeteners, colours in differing complex matrices including encapsulated ingredients and different chemical entities. We are also able to provide screening to support free from claims for example, lactose-free or dairy free claims.

RSSL is able to:-

  • Assess the quality/authenticity/composition of the raw ingredient
  • Assess the implication of using this ingredient in any given product
  • Substantiate claims on labels in respect of ingredient content
  • Assess the shelf life and the stability of functional components with the product
  • Support new product development
  • Troubleshoot any problems caused by using the functional ingredient (e.g. off flavours, precipitation, texture changes)
  • General due diligence

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