One of the most important considerations when developing a new food product or reformulating an existing one is to ensure that the food products desired properties, quality and safety are maintained throughout the product entire shelf life and stated storage conditions.

Ingredients, foods and supplements can undergo deteriorative changes during their shelf life that can impact on their chemical, sensory and nutritional properties (texture, appearance, flavour, nutritional value and beneficial health effects).

RSSL can ensure you have a full understanding of how a product changes over time. Our expertise in stability and shelf-life testing for ingredients and finished food products includes:-

Organoleptic testing

Investigation of the colour, texture, aroma, and taste throughout a products shelf life. Our taste optimisation service incorporates sensory features such as mouthfeel and texture optimisation, ensuring that every aspect of your product meets both your expectations, and high standards of consumer acceptability.

Structural Investigation

The physical properties of foods are of vital importance, not only in predicting and optimising the quality of a product or a raw material.

Our team of scientists offer a broad range of analytical techniques and expertise to characterise the physical and structural features of food products and ingredients including assessing how substances are likely to behave during processing and storage.

Chemical Analysis

Accurate quantification of ingredients such as vitamins and fatty acids, using wide range of extraction procedures and techniques.

Ingredient stability

Products must be carefully designed so that they retain the required properties over the range of conditions they will experience during processing, shelf life, storage and consumption. We measure changes over shelf-life for components such as sweeteners, preservatives, colours, fats, oils, and vitamins.

Active ingredients and claim substantiation

Changes to European legislation on nutrition and health claims means that you must substantiate any claim you wish to make on your product. We can ensure any claim you make about your product can be substantiated over its entire shelf-life. View claim substantiation services.

Method development and validation

It is important to ensure that analytical methods are suitable for the intended purpose; validated methods can provide this evidence and assurance. We can assess shelf-life of novel ingredients, and perform method development and validation to measure novel ingredients.

Accelerated testing

Using accelerated testing, RSSL is able to predict the instability of a new product or packaging. This provides preliminary shelf-life data in a relative short time frame. This includes storage at elevated temperatures, humidity and light condition and oxidative stability testing using Rancimat and Oxipres equipment.

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