Cannabidiol (CBD) testing

Our technical experts help you navigate the legislative landscape and compile the CBD testing data you need to satisfy regulatory requirements.


CBD has caught the attention of consumers and taken the food industry by storm. But it’s also subject to complex regulations governing its use as a food ingredient in different markets around the world.


If you want to make the most of this opportunity, understanding the evolving regulatory picture is as important at the inspiration behind your CBD concept. Safety, quality and the validity of any marketing claims all need to be demonstrated.


How do we do this? By providing trusted consultancy guidance and proven CBD testing capabilities for joined up thinking and exceptional results.

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    Regulatory consultancy

    Our experienced consultants will interpret current regulations and tell you which analytical tests need to be carried out to support your regulatory submission.


    This clarity ensures the correct CBD testing strategy is followed from the outset and avoids wasting valuable time. And it lays the groundwork for a smooth transition to your CBD testing programme with our laboratory team.

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    CBD testing

    We have developed a range of targeted CBD testing methods for oils, isolates and finished products. Using the appropriate, validated method, we generate the data you need, quickly and accurately. In practical terms, this means we can:


    • Detect and quantify CBD levels in oils, isolates and finished products
    • Assess the stability of CBD levels over time
    • Screen for 10 minor cannabinoids
    • Identify impurities in CBD isolates and oils.

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