Carbohydrate testing

Our robust carbohydrate analysis helps you understand how sugars, starches and fibres influence product performance.


Using targeted carbohydrate testing and analysis methods, we are able to detect, identify and quantify a wide range of carbohydrates in raw materials and finished products. With this carbohydrates test data, we can predict the likely impact on your product’s performance.


This may relate to physical properties, such as taste, texture and appearance, or nutritional profile and/or shelf life. Whatever the outcome, you can then use our carbohydrates test data to shape your product development or reformulation strategy.



Our specialist carbohydrate testing services include:


  • Profile carbohydrate ingredients to predict performance during processing and in your finished product
  • Quantify levels of carbohydrates across shelf life
  • Understand the impact on nutritional profile
  • Compare different raw material suppliers
  • Assess carbohydrate distribution in finished products
  • Understand effect of carbohydrates on model digestion systems
  • Investigate carbohydrate profiles of materials for waste valorisation
  • Determine whether reducing sugars are present and producing process contaminants via the Maillard reaction
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