Flavour characterisation

We give you the tools and understanding to create exceptional flavour profiles, enhance product development and resolve unexpected issues.


Understanding what gives your product its unique flavour is a vital part of the product development process. It means you can shape the flavour profile to delight consumers and stand out from the crowd. We’re here to take you on this journey. 


Our flavour profiling and chemistry expertise means we can be a pivotal part of your food innovation

Our experienced flavour chemists help you to:


  • Understand the impact of ingredients, recipes and processing on the desired flavour characteristics of your product
  • Select the optimum ingredients and processes to create your ideal flavour profile
  • Identify and resolve flavour issues, such as off-notes
  • Evaluate flavour release under conditions that mimic real life consumer experience
  • Differentiate your products for maximum consumer appeal

Specialist techniques

Our technical team uses a range of specialist flavour profiling techniques and cutting-edge technologies to analyse your product. We profile the volatile and (partly) non-volatile compounds and provide identification and quantification of key flavour compounds. It’s a four-stage process:


  • Gentle extraction: Maintains integrity of the compounds and minimises the loss and generation of others
  • Identification: Distinguishes individual aroma forming compounds and unravels complex mixtures of volatiles
  • Measurement of flavour active compounds: Generates a finger print of your product
  • Release: Provides fast and reliable flavour release analysis in real time




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