Risk assessment & risk analysis

Whether you are faced with allergen, chemical, microbial or physical contamination, our team of experts delivers vital food safety risk analysis to shape your response.


Product contamination issues require careful management. To respond effectively, you need a detailed understanding of the realistic risks for consumers and your business. Our targeted food safety risk analysis gives you a solid basis for risk characterisation allowing decisive action and transparent risk communication with stakeholders and regulatory bodies. We carry out robust food safety risk assessments according to internationally-recognised industry standards for hazard characterisation and risk exposure.



Allergen food safety risk assessment

Our highly knowledgeable food allergen specialists can assess the public health risks of an undeclared allergen in your product by undertaking a food safety risk assessment. This is based on data related to prevalence and elicited doses (ED) for different allergens. With these insights, we help you make informed decisions and take appropriate corrective action. 



Chemical toxicology and physical food risk assessment

We use a combination of published literature, industry guidelines and toxicology data to identify and characterise the hazards associated with identified contaminants. The food risk assessment process enables us to determine exposure risk and the potential harm to public health. With this robust evidence, you are able to decide whether the level of risk is acceptable or demands immediate action.  

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