Vegan & vegetarian manufacturing support

Our knowledgeable team of consultants and technical experts bring regulatory rigour to your vegan and vegetarian manufacturing systems.


Manufacturing vegan and vegetarian products demands a robust management strategy. You need to take every available step to minimise the risk of cross contamination and substantiate labelling claims. We can help you put these controls in place.

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Whether you’re manufacturing on dedicated, segregated or shared production lines, we work with you to ensure your business is fully prepared to operate in this exciting growth category.


Our comprehensive vegan and vegetarian product testing service includes:


On-site risk assessments

Our specialist consultants identify gaps, potential pitfalls and contamination risks at every stage of your manufacturing process; from ingredients supply through to product despatch.


Review of your current policies and procedures

Using industry best practice as a benchmark, we highlight areas for improvement and tighter control measures.


Analytical testing

Our scientists analyse your products and ingredients for animal DNA through vegan and vegetarian analysis and testing to generate the evidence you need to substantiate labelling claims.


Cleaning validation

We verify that your cleaning process has successfully removed animal-derived materials from shared lines and minimised the risk of cross contamination.


On-site training and workshops

Led by our subject experts, these interactive sessions ensure everyone who works at your manufacturing site understands how to carry out the new control measures and why they have been introduced.

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