Preservative efficacy testing

RSSL can provide method development support and routine testing for validating the efficacy of antimicrobial preservatives.


Antimicrobial preservatives are substances added to products to protect them from microbiological growth. These are crucial as potentially harmful microorganisms can be inadvertently introduced during the manufacturing process and later during product use.


Multi-use products, such as multi-dose pharmaceutical medicines, cosmetic products or personal care products, are particularly vulnerable to microbial contamination. As a result, they all contain preservatives to protect consumer health, and the efficacy of these preservatives must be validated.  


RSSL can perform preservative efficacy testing, including method validation and routine testing, to EP and USP. Our skilled team has experience working with a range of formulations such as topical, oral, ophthalmic and parenteral, enabling us to meet your unique project requirements.  

Our services


We offer screening services for a wide variety of bacterial species, dependent on the product formulation and pharmacopeia. This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • S. aureus 
  • P. aeruginosa 
  • E. coli 
  • C. albicans 
  • A. brasiliensis 
  • Z. rouxii  

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