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We want to make sure that you get the most out of my RSSL. If you have having any problems with using my RSSL, please take a look through the frequently asked questions below. If you still feel unsure please contact our Customer Support team via live chat or call +44 (0)118 918 4000 or email

Registration and accessibility

  • Simply click the results online link in the top right corner and then select ‘Register’ and complete the registration form. There will be a short delay before you can see your projects in my RSSL as our customer services team will need to verify your account and link you to your company

  • Your account will need to be verified before your account can be activated, this typically takes one working day. If you require urgent access to your results, please contact the customer services team on 0118 918 4076 or email

  • Simply click the my RSSL link in the top right corner of our website or alternatively you can go directly to the login page.

    Before the launch of my RSSL you will receive a communication from RSSL prompting you to verify you still require a my RSSL account. You will then be asked to reset your password, and will be able to access your account immediately.

My account

  • If you are unable to access your account, please go to the my RSSL in page and click ‘Forgot my Password’, you will then need to enter your my RSSL account email address and click ‘Reset Password’. A new password will be sent to your email, please check your spam folder if this does not arrive in your inbox.

  • You can manage your email notification settings under ‘My Account’ section of my RSSL. Email notifications can sometimes be identified as spam, so if you have elected to receive notifications but have not received these, please check your spam folder.

  • If you are looking to change your existing password, please Log in to my RSSL, go to ‘My Account’ which can be found in the top right of the page and select ‘Reset my Password’, you will then be prompted to enter your existing and a new password, remember to save the changes when this has been done.

  • Your email address will need to be updated by the RSSL customer Services team, please contact our team on 0118 918 4076 or email for assistance.


  • You cannot set up a my RSSL account for a group email address, however you are able to set up sharing preferences on individual projects and in the ‘Community’ area of my RSSL, so that multiple users in your community can access results and information for your projects.

  • You can make your projects visible to your colleague(s) by granting them full access on your ‘Community Page’, alternatively please contact our customer services team on 0118 918 4076 or email

  • You can view your role my checking ‘My Information’ in the ‘My Account’ area of my RSSL or alternatively in ‘Community’ where you will find information about your whole community.

  • The default set up for my RSSL users will only allow users to see their own projects, but you will have the ability to see other colleague’s projects (in your community) if these have been shared with you.

    Project owners will need to specify who they wish to share their projects with, this can be done in the ‘Community’ page where you can set your sharing rules - which only needs to be set once, and will apply to all future projects until these rules are changed. Alternatively, you can also share projects at a project level.

  • If one of your colleagues has left and you can still see them on my RSSL, please contact our customer services team on 0118 918 4076 or your my RSSL Site Administrator who will deactivate the account.

  • Please contact the RSSL Customer Services team on 0118 918 4076 or email and they will be able to provide you with further information.

Sample submission

  • Yes you can complete the sample submission process through my RSSL provided you have a quote from RSSL. For further information on how to do this please use this guide.

  • Yes this can be done when completing the sample submission process on my RSSL. In addition, once a project has been created the PO number can be provided at project level but please note that an electronic PO copy will need to be emailed to


  • Yes, results for all your previous projects will be available for you to view in my RSSL.

  • There are a number of reasons why this could be the case, please contact Customer Services on or 0118 918 4076 to explore this further.

  • The project status is displayed throughout my RSSL, but the simplest way to view this information is to check the ‘Projects’ tab where you will find the status.

  • To find the project report please go into the specific project details page and check the project files section.


  • Please contact our Customer Services team on or0118 918 4076 for more information.

  • Please contact our Customer Services team on or0118 918 4076 for more information.

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