Christmas delivery marks start of puppy partnership for RSSL

Staff at Reading Scientific Services Ltd (RSSL) are turning their analytical minds to the urgent problem of finding a name for the latest addition to the team – a yellow Labrador puppy.

Born at the end of November, the four-legged bundle of fun is being sponsored by the Reading Science Centre as part of the Dogs For Good Puppy Partner community scheme. The charity brings people and dogs together through its assistance, community and family dog programmes to make a life changing difference.

“We are delighted to be involved with Dogs For Good and the comfort their therapy and assistance dogs bring to those facing difficult challenges. As a family-oriented organisation, we understand how important it is to feel supported when you need help - a belief we carry through with the work we undertake for our clients too. So the puppy partnership is a very welcome and natural extension of our philosophy.

“Our puppy is at the start of his journey and we are looking forward to following his progress in training over the next year. There are so many ways he may become an amazing part of someone’s life. Helping a child with autism and their family, an adult with disabilities or children with special educational needs, are just some of the possibilities,” says Jacinta George, Managing Director at RSSL.

For now, it is the RSSL team who have the biggest responsibility - finding a name for the new pup. The Dogs For Good breeding scheme asks that all new arrivals in a litter are given a name beginning with the same letter. For the RSSL sponsored pup, this means the letter ‘M’.

"Everyone at RSSL is being asked to get involved and put forward ideas for our pup’s name. And with Christmas just around the corner, this may well inspire a few festive suggestions. The final choice will be announced via our social media platforms – Twitter @RSSLtd, Facebook @Readingscientificservicesltd and LinkedIn. We will also be posting regular updates and photos of our puppy over the next few months as he grows into his new role. We can’t wait!” adds Jacinta George.

Both organisations are celebrating 30-year anniversaries, so the partnership is a fitting way for RSSL to mark the milestone for the benefit of the community.