RSSL introduces cell based bioassays to enhance biologics service offering

With RSSL adding cell based bioassays to portfolio, biopharma companies are now able to reduce their risks by using a single, trusted provider for all their testing requirements.


Reading Scientific Services Ltd (RSSL), a leading provider of scientific and technical solutions to the global biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, has introduced a cell based bioassay service to meet rising demand for potency assessments.

Cell based bioassays are the primary tool for determining the biological activity of molecules, making the potency tests a critical part of drug product and drug substance quality control, product release and stability testing. Biopharma companies need to generate this information to have confidence in their drugs and comply with regulatory requirements.

With the rise of biologics, biosimilars and advent of advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs), demand for cell based bioassays is outstripping industry supply. In response, RSSL has added cell based bioassays to its biopharmaceutical offering. As RSSL’s service portfolio now covers all required tests, biopharma companies can reduce their risks by working with a single, trusted provider.

“The cell based bioassay service boosts RSSL’s biopharmaceutical offering, making us a laboratory partner of choice to the global biopharmaceutical industry,” Phil Kuhlman, Biomolecular Analysis Laboratory Manager at RSSL, said. “We’ve taken control by providing the full portfolio of required tests, thereby freeing our partners from the risks and delays that can arise when working with multiple third parties.”

Partners that outsource cell based bioassay work to RSSL will benefit from the speed, dedication and competency that have made the biopharmaceutical service provider a market leader. RSSL’s highly trained and experienced technical team perform a range of endpoint cell based assays at its GMP compliant facilities. Customers can request bespoke analytical services tailored to their development goals as well.

Whatever the assay requested, all customers benefit from RSSL’s focus on rapid laboratory access. This focus means RSSL starts projects faster than the competition, potentially cutting the time it takes to deliver results from cell based bioassays.

Whatever your testing requirements, contact the RSSL customer services team to discuss your requirements further on +44 (0)118 918 4076 or email