RSSL expands service to accelerate product development

Our new rapid prototyping service and exclusive innovation days will help our food clients jumpstart their product development



RSSL has announced the launch of a new rapid prototyping service and introduction of exclusive innovation days to help food companies of all sizes jumpstart their product development process. The move comes in response to growing demand for the team’s technical expertise in concept realisation.


“Our new service aims to reduce the complexity and length of time it takes to translate concept ideas into physical prototypes. Using our deep product knowledge, flexible development kitchen and network of ingredient suppliers, we can work closely with clients to create minimum viable products in a matter of weeks.


“By removing traditional barriers and streamlining this early development stage, we hope to pave the way for companies venturing into new sectors and facilitate innovation among start-ups,” said Kerry Tanner, Product Development Manager at RSSL.


The introduction of client innovation days as a standalone or addition to the rapid prototyping service further underlines RSSL’s commitment to concept development.


“By inviting clients to work alongside us, we can focus on their specific concerns in a creative, inspiring and practical environment. This may involve generating ideas around certain ingredient combinations or taking a recipe through various iterations to achieve a successful outcome.


“Whatever format it takes, the joy of this collaborative approach is that we can see, taste and discuss samples with clients as we go along – rather than being slowed down by the usual to-and-fro. This is a huge benefit as it enables key decisions and progress to be made much more quickly,” adds Tanner.


The new rapid prototyping service and client innovation days form part of RSSL’s wider product development technical expertise which includes product optimisation, commercialisation and scale-up.


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