My Auditing Journey Ep6 - Peter Rooney

Today we are joined by RSSL Head of Quality Peter Rooney! As a former senior Assessor for UKAS Peter has experience of both performing and preparing for crucial audits.


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Starting in analytical chemistry, Peter's career has led him from running a contract lab to becoming a senior manager at UKAS, assessing against many different standards at labs large and small around the world before becoming the one responsible for getting RSSL into audit ready shape.

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The two Peters drill down into what auditors want to see in terms of quality control when they visit laboratories, whether that's a multi-site global pharmaceutical brand or a two person operation working out of the side building of a house.


Among the topics touched on are to how to deal with equipment obsolescence, how to gauge "quality culture" and just how much more difficult complex data systems have made the job.


Enjoy the episode below!