Covid-19 and the immunity revolution trend - NPD opportunities & challenges

Join our expert panel for a discussion about the role immunity will play in consumer choices in the food market in a post coronavirus world.



The Coronavirus pandemic has provided a huge boost to the immunity sector. What opportunities does this afford to your brand & how do you explore them?


In this complimentary webinar we will discuss some of the insights and consider the methods to help you understand consumer attitudes, behaviours and needs arising from Covid-19. We will also cover the range of ingredients being promoted for immune support and how to ensure that your product meets claims over shelf life.


Topic areas we cover include:
  • How you appraise what is understood and not understood about immunity and its relevance to identify new opportunities for your business

  • How opportunities can be worked up into an actionable set of design guidelines for NPD

  • The ingredients linked to immune health and examples of product launches in this space

  • Novel ways of assessing ingredients and their role in promoting the immunity message

  • How RSSL can support your NPD and permitted claim substantiation

  • Natural vs synthetic – the impact on immunity effectiveness and analytical requirements


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About the Speakers


Carole Bingley is a technical specialist and has undertaken both ingredient evaluation and product development projects for food manufacturers and ingredient suppliers. Recent projects include development of dairy alternatives and vegan meat alternatives based on plant proteins.



Rachel Reid has over 10 years experience working for the food industry, having worked extensively on the analysis of vitamins, natural products and other ingredients. Her work has uspported many areas including new product development, stability studies and claim substantiation.



Jane Staniforth has been with RSSL since 2000 and currently leads the food commercial team. A food technologist, who spent many years developing new products and ingredients, Jane has extensive knowledge and experience of the food and ingredient industry.



Tracey Sanderson is a Managing Director of Sensory Dimensions, a sensory and consumer research consultancy. Tracey uses her expertise to provide solutions to product development, product positioning and quality management across the food, beverage, home and healthcare sectors.


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