Investigating sterility testing failures

Join RSSL and Dr Tim Sandle as we discuss sterility test failure investigations.



Following the launch of our sterility testing service, our sterility webinar series provides a guide to the complexities around COVID-19 prevention measures, best practices for cleaning and sterility testing.

During this session sterility expert, Dr Tim Sandle, will be discussing the immediate actions to be taken in the event of a sterility test failure.



Topic areas we cover include:


  • Understand the immediate actions to be taken in the event of a sterility test failure
  • Review the focal points for the laboratory failure investigations, from reviewing training to isolator controls
  • Find out how to construct a road map for process failure investigations, from filter controls to personnel interventions
  • Learn how to reach an outcome and to set effective follow-up corrective and preventative actions

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About the speaker:



Dr. Tim Sandle has over twenty-five years’ experience of microbiological research and biopharmaceutical processing. He is a member of several editorial boards and he has written over six hundred book chapters, peer reviewed papers and technical articles relating to microbiology. Dr. Sandle works for a pharmaceutical manufacturer in the UK, and is a visiting tutor at both the University of Manchester and UCL.

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