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We have trained hundreds of pharma professionals, giving them the skills to plan and conduct audits with confidence. From nurturing early-career talent, to fostering continuous professional development (CPD), RSSL provides comprehensive auditing career path support for Life Science Professionals.


As a Pharmaceutical auditor you will play a critical role in upholding integrity, reliabilty and patient safety in the pharmaceutical supply chain. Your role involves ensuring compliance with regulations such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Distribution Practices (GDP) and quality standards. 


The RSSL Auditor Career Pathway


RSSL pharmaceutical auditor training career pathway graphic. Which pharmaceutical auditing courses should I take at my level?

Download the RSSL Auditor Career Pathway Framework


RSSL are experts in guiding Pharmaceutical Professionals through dedicated learning paths to support the achievement of career goals. Our new Auditor Career Pathway maps the journey for aspiring and experienced auditors to receive life-long skills and knowledge development, leading the way through the key career stages and helping to choose the learning intervention that is right for you. Starting with the internal pharmaceutical auditor or auditing standards training course may be the best step for you to excel at the right stage.



  • Foundation (0-2 years): Whether you're new to the role or starting to be involved in pharma audits, this stage lays the groundwork for your journey.  


  • Practitioner (2-5 years): As you progress, you'll refine your pharmaceutical expertise and increase your role engagement.  You will become more involved in audits, requiring a thorough understanding of processes, systems and techniques. 


  • Professional (+5 years) – you’re taking your career to the next level and may be starting to have some core responsibilities in Quality Management Systems (QMS) and audits


  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD): Our CPD ensures continuous learning throughout your pharmaceutical auditing career, at every level. Join the RSSL auditing CPD community for access to live webinars, podcasts with expert insights, regulatory updates, focused discussions, specialised training modules, and an alumni network for continuous learning and networking opportunities.

Start planning your auditor career pathway


Follow our three step process below to start your pharmaceutical auditor career pathway journey.  If you are still unsure what level of courses is best suited to you, or you would like any further information please contact our training team on 



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    Step 1 - Attend an auditing course

    Your journey begins with attending one of RSSL's approved pharmaceutical auditor training courses, where you'll gain foundational knowledge in subjects essential to your role, you will practice your skills in a supportive learning environment. Advance further with our IRCA Lead Auditor courses, which provide certified competence for career progression, or when roles demand certification.  These pharma auditor courses not only demonstrate your minimum competence but also contribute to your career progression.

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    Step 2: Auditing skills application

    Once you have completed pharmaceutical auditor training courses, you can now apply and refine your pharma auditing skills through practical experience. We provide post-course support, including bi-monthly webinars, tutorials, and consultations with experienced auditors, to help you effectively apply your newfound knowledge in real-world auditing scenarios.

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    Step 3: Auditing CPD

    We believe that learning is a continuous journey, and are dedicated to supporting pharmaceutical auditors in their ongoing professional development. Join our bi-monthly webinars and listen to our insightful podcast interviews. Explore our knowledge hub for articles, regulatory updates, and resources to stay up to date with industry trends and developments. By becoming part of our Auditing Alumni Community, you will engage in discussions on specific auditing topics, and leverage our alumni network to expand your grow you network and continue your learning journey.   

What recent auditing delegates have been saying

This was the best professional training I have ever received in my career to date. I encourage leaders to review training options and consider RSSL’s training classes for yourself and your teams.

Lead Supplier Auditor, Pfizer,

100% I'd advocate (this course)! I mean, I've learned so much this week and I think I've improved myself as an auditor because of this course

Quality Manager, IO Biotech ,

It's been an amazing journey from day one itself. We had been put through different scenarios in different situations, in real life we have been in those situations and we have been acting slightly differently prior to this particular experience, but now after learning this particular course I know that I will be acting totally differently!

QA Manager, Lexon (UK) Ltd ,

Its a complete perspective change with regards to audits. I think for me it's been truly eye-opening, and moving forward, it's things that I will take through throughout the rest of my career

QA Manager, RSSL,

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