Clean label food product development

In today's health-conscious world, consumers demand clarity about their food choices. At RSSL we understand this shift towards mindful consumption.


Consumers increasingly pay close attention to food labels, ingredients and nutrition seeking products made with minimal and recognisable ingredients, and therefore cleaner labels.


We understand that developing clean label products raises many questions and technical issues. How will shelf life be affected? Do natural ingredients offer the same functionality? Can we achieve the same product quality? What about costs? And so on.


The good news is that our talented team of food developers and scientist can give you the answers you need. From knowing which ingredients are right for your application to  ensuring the final clean label concept delivers all the taste, texture and enjoyment consumers expect, we will support you every step of the way. Explore our comprehensive services below:  

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Expert ingredient selection

Creating a clean label starts with the right ingredients. Our experienced food product developers will select the relevant ingredients for your product.  This could include natural, recognisable ingredients, ensuring your products are innovative. We are here at every step, from selection to application of ingredients, ensuring your clean label product is familiar.


Recipe development and optimisation

From kitchen to full scale manufacturing, we will support you on your culinary journey. Our cutting-edge development kitchen and expert R&D team will collaborate with you to create clean label products that are not only delicious but are also scalable for market success. We continuously refine your recipe to enhance taste and texture, ensuring your product exceeds on consumer experience and stands out from your competition.  


Comprehensive ingredient impact assessment

Understanding how ingredients impact processing, quality, and sensory attributes is crucial to supporting clean label development. Our team will conduct thorough ingredient assessments, to optimise processing and ensure your product maintains its integrity throughout the production process.


Sensory attributes optimisation

Just having a clean label is often not enough. Consumer acceptance relies on taste, texture, and appearance. Our informal sensory panel will fine tune your products to perfection, ensuring they not only meet but exceed the expectations of consumers.


Allergen management

Navigating allergen complexities is challenging. We offer comprehensive allergen testing and management support, ensuring your products are safe for allergic consumers. Our services include policy review, supply chain support, site assessments, workshops, training and support with free-from claims.


Shelf life testing

Maintaining the quality of the product is essential over shelf life. Using real time and accelerated ageing tests, our rigorous analytical testing and advanced methods will help you accurately determine shelf life. We can also collaborate with you extend the shelf life of your product.


Problem solving

We're also here to help you resolve any unexpected issues that may come up.  If a product's quality is not where it should be or the switch to alternative ingredients leads to processing problems, our analytical team will get to the root cause, and get you back on track as quickly as possible.

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