Food authenticity testing

Using the appropriate techniques, we determine and verify whether a food or ingredient is what it claims to be in terms of quality, functionality and profile.


Today’s fragmented supply chains and sophisticated food crimes mean food authenticity is under constant threat. We understand the scale and complexity of the challenge and can help you protect consumers and your business with our food fraud analysis.


Consumers expect product labels to be accurate. And you want to be sure that your chosen food or ingredients match the agreed specifications. Our targeted, analytical food authenticity tests and food identification give you the reassurance you need.

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Whether you need this data to combat food fraud and supply chain negligence, or support due diligence, regulatory compliance or labelling claims - you can confidently move forward.


We can verify the authenticity of a wide range of ingredients and products including:


Meat and fish 

We can detect the DNA of up to 20 different species of meat and 50 species of fish at extremely low threshold levels to identify fish adulteration.


Premium oils  (including olive oil, evening primrose oil, walnut oil and almond oil)

Our food authenticity analysis helps to protect you against low grade substitutions and adulteration.



We look at carbohydrate ratio to determine whether a coffee matches the specification or has been bulked up with something else.


Dairy Products

Using DNA testing techniques, we can validate the source of milk in cheese and other dairy products with food fraud testing.


Cannabidiol (CBD) purity

By quantifying CBD levels against specifications and screening for minor cannabinoids, our expert food fraud analysis can confirm the purity of material and levels of actives.

Quality you can trust


We are recognised as a Centre of Expertise in food authenticity testing by DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs).

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