Oils, fats and lipids analysis

Our analytical experts investigate, characterise and profile these complex ingredients to help you optimise product performance.


Oils and fats are key components in many foods. Their inclusion and interactions can impact processing, taste, aroma, texture, nutritional properties and shelf life. As such, they play a pivotal role in product performance and appeal. Our experienced analytical experts help you understand how to get the best out of these multifunctional ingredients by undertaking numerous tests including a triglyceride test, an omega 3 test and other testing for fats.

By using our exceptional knowledge and a broad range of analytical techniques to characterise and profile the components of oils, fats and lipids. These insights give us huge scope to delve deeper and support specific product goals. From creating the ideal texture to tempt consumers, to substantiating health claims and investigating off-notes or nutritional degradation, our accurate analysis and tests, including testing for fats, are an invaluable asset.


We can help you:

  • Understand how the behaviour and interaction of oils and fats impacts processing and product performance
  • Optimise the use of oils, fats and blends to meet required nutrition, taste, texture or stability properties
  • Determine the nutritional contribution of oils and fats and levels of fortified lipids, such as saturates, polyunsaturates, omega 3 and sterols
  • Evaluate the stability of oils, fats and lipids in raw materials and finished products to support ingredient/formulation selection and desired shelf life
  • Assess the quality and authenticity of ingredients to ensure value and cost optimisation
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