Cannabinoid testing

Combining its expertise in the pharmaceutical and herbal supplements sectors, RSSL can offer a broad range of services to support the development and analysis of cannabinoid-containing products.


Over recent years, the use of herbal drug products as therapeutics, in particular cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabinoids, has grown rapidly. This has been aided by a rapidly evolving field of medical research and shifts in legislation by governments across the globe.  


Currently, many herbal therapeutic products are legally classified in the area between supplements and pharmaceuticals. As a result, due to our comprehensive knowledge and experience working in both of these sectors, RSSL is well suited to support the development and analytical testing of these products. 

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Our cannabinoid services



  • Flavour masking and edibles formulation 




  • Assay and related substance testing 





  • Metered dose assessment 
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In addition to being MHRA and FDA-accredited, we are fully licensed to handle a wide range of herbal drug materials. From early-stage development through to manufacturing support and final product testing, our skilled, multidisciplinary teams can work with you to meet your project goals.