Drug product & finished product release testing

RSSL’s MHRA and FDA-approved laboratories provide a comprehensive range of Quality Control testing services, delivering a high-quality service integrated with each client’s supply chain, QA and QP requirements.


At RSSL, our Quality Control testing expertise provides a portfolio of chemical, physical and microbiological services, dedicated to supporting the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. 


We can perform QC testing on raw materials, drug substances and drug products (including Schedule I-V controlled drugs). We can also support client projects at any stage, from the early phases of development through to marketed products. 

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Our scientists work closely with clients to verify or transfer methods into our laboratories, ensuring a quick and easy route to QC release testing. With efficient and effective GMP-compliant laboratories, we provide high-quality results delivered to your desired timelines, utilising a broad range of techniques for both small molecule and biological applications. 

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    RSSL provides a wide range of GMP chemical analyses supporting quality control testing in accordance with pharmacopoeial monographs and client methods. 


    Our analytical service and expertise can support with ensuring the quality, safety and efficacy of your drug formulation. 


    RSSL can help you understand the physical parameters affecting the performance and efficacy of your products, supporting QC release for GMP by performing testing in accordance with pharmacopoeia monographs and client methods.


    RSSL will help you to ensure the microbiological quality of your raw materials, finished products and medical devices to demonstrate regulatory compliance and hygienic production procedures.


    RSSL provides a full suite of GMP metals analyses, supporting quality control testing in accordance with pharmacopoeia monographs and client methods. We can develop and validate methods to determine levels of elemental impurities present in accordance with ICH Q3D guidance. 


    We can detect and quantify sub-visible particles in a wide range of injectables, parenterals, opthalmics and drug production, storage and delivery components. 

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