Physical & structural characterisation


Utilising our in-depth analytical expertise and state-of-the-art facilities, RSSL offers a broad range of analytical techniques to characterise the physical and structural features of excipients, APIs, medical devices and finished products. 


Physical properties can have an impact on the stability, appearance, processability and performance of pharmaceuticals. As a result, understanding the physicochemical and biophysical characteristics of an API and its excipients is vital to develop stable pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical formulations.  

Fully characterising the physical properties of a pharmaceutical formulation is also necessary to obtain the data required for a range of additional analyses. This includes stability studies, raw material and drug product release testing and troubleshooting manufacturing and quality issues.  


RSSL can offer a cross-functional and multi-disciplinary service, providing comprehensive support for physical and structural characterisation of pharmaceutical products. Leveraging in-depth method development and validation experience, our dedicated team can work with you to provide analytical solutions tailored to your specific project needs.  

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