Molecular structural elucidation

Utilising state-of-the-art chromatographic and spectroscopic techniques, RSSL can help determine the molecular structure of unknown molecules and impurities.


Identification of the molecular structure of compounds is often an essential part of chemical and biochemical research. In particular, confirmation of a molecule’s precise identity is a precondition for its development into a therapeutic drug product.  


Additionally, if unknown impurities are detected within drug products at a level greater than 0.1% during QC investigations and stability screening, they may also need to be structurally elucidated. This is a key regulatory requirement as the potential toxicity of any impurities needs to carefully assessed to protect patient safety.  


At RSSL, we offer a complete suite of analytical services and a multi-disciplinary team of experts to support complex molecular structural elucidation across all sectors. By adopting a flexible approach, we can determine the best route to elucidate the structure of the unknown molecule or impurity within your product. 

Analytical techniques


We offer a wide range of analytical techniques for molecular structural elucidation, including:  


  • HPLC-UV 
  • HPLC-MS 
  • Prep LC 
  • GC-MS 
  • GC-TOF-MS 
  • NMR 
  • FTIR spectroscopy 
  • ICP-MS 
  • ICP-OES 
SEM1 RD 4311 HR

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