RSSL free vegan products webinar series

These webinars consider the challenges around vegan product development and manufacturing.


With over 560,000 people participating in Veganuary 2021, combined with the continued growth of the plant-based industry (estimated to be worth £658m in 2021*), manufacturers are keen to develop new, innovative vegan products to attract this growing market.

These complimentary webinars hosted by RSSL experts consider the challenges surrounding the development and manufacture of vegan products.


Hosted by Carole Bingley (Technical Specialist) and Megan Eade (Innovation Technologist).

This webinar considers vegan product development, including how to understand your market, how to bring your ideas to life and the analytical tools available to aid your product development.

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding your market including vegan trends and market opportunities for new products
  • Bringing your ideas to life, including ingredient selection / functionality and formulating your product
  • The analytical tools to aid your development, including texture and microstructure techniques

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Hosted by Barbara Hirst (Senior Consultant) and Christina Holt (Senior Scientist).

In this webinar we discuss the considerations around vegan manufacturing, the guidance surrounding vegan claims and possible supply chain challenges.

Topics covered include:

  • The regulation, or lack of, guidance around and differences in what is meant or interpreted by the terms ‘vegan’, ‘vegan friendly’, ‘plant based’ etc.
  • The risks to allergic consumers of assuming a product with a vegan claim is safe for them
  • The challenge of the supply chain in ensuring that non-vegan contaminants are not introduced unintentionally, particularly during the era of COVID-19
  • Vegan production management
  • Product and ingredient testing, claim verification and cleaning validation for vegan products

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*Information from Mintel's 'Meat Free Food' Report.