Vegan & vegetarian food product development

Our team of experienced vegan and plant based food product developers and food scientists work with you to translate your idea into a commercial reality.


More people than ever before are choosing meat free, plant-based or flexitarian diets. To be part of this exciting opportunity, you need to create vegan and vegetarian products that inspire and challenge expectations. We can help with your plant-based, vegetarian and vegan food and product development needs.


From ingredient selection, ingredient analysis and texture optimisation, to claims substantiation and due diligence, we keep your vegan and vegetarian product development on track.

From concept to commercialisation and beyond. We can guide you through every stage of your vegan and vegetarian product development journey.

Using our exceptional ingredient knowledge, plant based food development expertise and analytical skills we can:


  • Explore the use of innovative meat-free and plant-based ingredients
  • Identify opportunities to maximise product appeal
  • Analyse the impact of ingredients on product quality and sensory characteristics
  • Align product formulations with the latest healthy eating trends
  • Develop concepts with the required protein and/or other nutritional profile
  • Balance product ambitions with commercial demands
Our vegan and vegetarian product development services include:
  • Risk assessment to support vegan/vegetarian claims
  • Cross contamination risk analysis and testing
  • Due diligence testing
  • Cleaning validation, verification and monitoring
  • Allergen control validation, verification and monitoring
  • Dedicated on-site workshops and training
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