Jonathan’s journey to Qualified Person (QP) status

Having completed his Qualified Person training, Jonathan Powlson looks back on how RSSL's QP training programme provided the tools needed to pass his viva, including our highly valuable QP Webtorials.



"The knowledge and diversity of RSSL’s tutors is excellent. Having all worked in QP roles, they bring extensive real-life experience and ensure learning outcomes can be put into practice from day one.


I also found having access to RSSL’s QP webtorials hugely valuable, as it gave me the opportunity to test and apply what I’d learned in these lively discussion forums and – just as important – build my QP network."


Jonathan Powlson | Qualified Person & QA Manager | Jazz Pharmaceuticals

I found having the flexibility to complete the course at my own pace a definite benefit as it allowed me to take a measured approach and prioritise the six units I felt would be the hardest first, before moving on to those more within my comfort zone the following year. That was my chosen route, but obviously everyone has the freedom to decide what suits them best.


Looking back, the last three months of the programme building up to viva were particularly tough. You need to start your viva application form as early as possible because it takes a serious amount of time. The good thing is that this preparation does force you to sit down and learn everything thoroughly, so when you come out the other side (having passed your viva), you do feel ready to take on the responsibilities of the role.

It’s also really important to have good sponsors who understand your strengths and weaknesses, ideally someone who sees you doing the job on a daily basis. I was lucky enough to have two brilliant and supportive sponsors. In fact, I still work with one of them and am in regular contact with the other.

My advice to anyone considering signing up for the RSSL QP training programme? Prepare to be challenged, start working on your VIVA form early on and build a network of contacts. It’s a tough learning experience, but extremely rewarding.



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