More people than ever before are choosing to follow meat-free or plant-based diets.  In Europe, the number of consumers buying vegetarian food has reportedly risen by over 25% recently, and in the UK 7% of the population are now believed to identify as vegan.  Factor in the growing popularity of flexitarianism and this becomes a major shift in consumer behaviour.

But to be part of this opportunity, manufacturers need to support these new dietary choices by developing a range of great-tasting, certified, vegan and vegetarian products.

RSSL’s expert technical team can help you successfully navigate every stage of product development in this exciting growth category; from ingredient analysis and texture optimisation, to claims substantiation and due diligence testing.


As demand for vegan and vegetarian products has risen, so too has consumer expectation in terms of variety, quality and eating experience.  This means producers need to look beyond traditional options and create exciting new concepts – and we can help. RSSL’s team of experienced product developers and food scientists can work with you to:

  • Choose from a range of innovative meat-free and plant-based ingredients to maximise product appeal
  • Balance the need for a product with great taste, texture and quality, with commercial demands
  • Explore nutritional requirements, such as protein content, to satisfy product ambitions
  • Review the new generation of plant-based ingredients in the context of your product concept
  • Align product formulation with the latest healthier eating trends


Establishing robust processes to substantiate on-pack vegan or vegetarian claims is equally important to a product’s long-term success.  Get it wrong and - as recent widely publicised events have shown – retailers, food brands and suppliers can be the subject of negative media coverage which risks damaging corporate reputation, as well as the bottom line.

RSSL’s team can provide the necessary expert knowledge and detailed planning to assist you with:

Meeting standards: 

Understanding and closely following often complex guidelines set out by individual retailers and key bodies - such as The Vegan Society  - is vital in order to carry the relevant claim and/or logo.  The FSA have also published guidance on the use of the terms of vegan and vegetarian in food labelling. We will guide you through this process to produce products that consumers trust.

Analytical services:

We can test ingredients and products against specific parameters, for example:

Cleaning validation:

By performing swab analysis and testing the next off-line products, we help you to avoid cross contamination of animal derived ingredients into vegetarian or vegan products during manufacturing.

Site specific consultancy: 

We can tailor our service to meet your individual needs and ensure you benefit fully from the partnership. For example:

  • Initial consultation or site visit to help you understand potential risks of cross contamination and identify areas for improvement
  • On-site training around cleaning validation and best practice regarding manufacture of vegan and vegetarian products

We would be delighted to assist and support you with any aspect of your vegan or vegetarian product development  and manufacturing plans, so please do get in touch.

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