Vitamins, minerals & natural products testing

Whether you’re working with vitamins and minerals, CBD, natural ingredients or herbal actives, our technical experts give you the data you need from our vitamin and supplement analysis tests


Verifying the presence of nutritional ingredients in your product requires a strong analytical approach. You need to be confident that labels are correct and claims are fully substantiated.


Using validated analytical vitamin and supplemental testing techniques, we can detect, quantify and evaluate a wide range of nutritional ingredient throughout your product’s shelf life. And we’re constantly expanding our reach in response to the latest health and wellness trends.

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Tailored to support your product development strategies across food, beverages and dietary supplements, our trusted testing service includes:  


Vitamin testing

We quantify fat soluble and water-soluble vitamins in fortified foods, beverages, pre-mixes and supplements by undertaking a vitamin and supplement test - even traditionally hard to analyse combinations.


Mineral testing

Using state-of-the-art analysis technology, we quantify a wide range of minerals.


Cannabidiol (CBD) testing

We have developed targeted CBD testing methods to evaluate CBD levels, screen for 10 minor cannabinoids and identify impurities.


Natural products, botanicals, herbal actives and raw ingredients

Many of our tests are designed to analyse for a specific marker unique to the original source. 

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