Supporting the rapid delivery of a vital vaccine

A pharmaceutical manufacturer involved in the development of a high priority vaccine needed help scaling up their manufacturing. This is how we supported the project:

The challenge


Over the past three years, the client was working on a vaccine development project. In order to help tackle an emerging health crisis, it was important for the client to prevent delays and safely deliver their vaccine to market and to the public. As their manufacturing needs increased, the client required support to scale up. At this time, there was also a high level of scrutiny from regulatory bodies to ensure all manufactured vaccine doses were safe and efficacious. As a result, the client needed a trusted partner to help them scale up their manufacturing capacity, while keeping to tight timelines and maintaining regulatory compliance.



At RSSL, we were responsible for release testing essential components for the vaccine and providing analytical support to meet the requirements of the client. Due to the high production demand, we had to complete all analyses within seven days from receipt of sample. To meet these timelines, we deployed a multidisciplinary team of scientists across various laboratories involved in raw materials testing.


Due to the nature of the industry over the past few years, priorities and timescales changed rapidly. However, we were able to leverage our capabilities to offer analytical services as well as specialist equipment to meet the needs of the client. Through our commitment to growth, innovation, and adaptation, we were able to keep up with an uncertain and fast-changing world, identifying opportunities where the client could streamline their procedures. In fact, our ability to communicate and collaborate with the client and third parties became a key factor in the success of this project.

Experts in collaboration


Collaboration is a key theme during vaccine development and at RSSL we believe that we achieve more when we work together and share our expertise. As each department was based in different labs across our site, clear communication was essential. In particular, it was crucial to establish which departments were conducting certain analyses, what timescales could be adhered to, and what was required of each other.


If any problem came to light during the process, we could then offer further testing to provide a solution for the client. We also ensured cross training throughout our team to ensure flexibility across departments. We held weekly meetings with the client where we could have open conversations around forecasting and expectations. During these meetings, were able to communicate our progress and discuss any analytical observations or trends that we had seen. We also collaborated with external partners when required, such as for rapidly procuring and qualifying specialist equipment.



The pharmaceutical industry has faced global disruption, but we were able to keep the client’s production schedules at 100% capacity. This meant not a single run was stopped or delayed. The vaccine development workflow was able to be scaled up rapidly so the client could reach their customers and help vaccinate people.


With the help of RSSL, the client also managed to transition this success to multiple sites across their network. RSSL have a wide team of skilled technical experts who collaborate closely on projects of all sizes, and our clients are at the centre of everything we do. We care deeply about the impact that we have on our clients and their customers, and our ability to transform lives through science, innovation, and collaboration.


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RSSL was pivotal to the processes which allowed us to release our vaccine.

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