Biopharma boom brings benefits to CROs

The analytical outsourcing sector is well placed to benefit from the continuing rise in biopharmaceutical manufacturing.



In the April 2018 issue of Manufacturing Chemist, Philip Kuhlman Technical Specialist, Biopharmaceutical Analysis and Dale Hreczuk-Hirst Biopharmaceutical Business Development Manager, RSSL look at the advantages of using an outsourcing partner and most importantly, how to find the right one.

During the past 20 years, the biopharma market has expanded rapidly and there is no sign of this growth slowing down. As the understanding of disease targets continues to improve, the focus has moved from chemical hits on disease molecules to biological hits. Capacity has increased steadily, and the processes for making biopharmaceutical drugs have now become part of the everyday industry toolbox.

RSSL offers a wide range of expertise, concerning not only the large molecule but also raw materials, contamination issues and packaging analysis throughout the product lifecycle. For any given project, a multidisciplinary team will be put together, with consultants on hand to fill in any areas not covered in-house.

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