Natasha’s Law - new allergen legislation (PPDS foods): is your food business ready?

Join RSSL's Barbara Hirst and Jessica Sage as they look at Natasha's Law and the new requirements for the labelling of PPDS foods.



From 1st October 2021, Natasha’s Law will come into force, with new requirements for the labelling of Prepacked for Direct Sale (PPDS) foods. This includes the need for businesses providing PPDS foods to label them with a full ingredients list, with any declarable allergens emphasised.


Although this may sound simple, the interpretation of the term “PPDS” and which foods fall into this category has proved to be challenging.


Join Barbara Hirst and Jessica Sage, our Food Safety and Quality Consultants, as they help to clear up some of the confusion using different scenarios and examples.

Topic areas we cover include:
  • What are the new requirements?
  • Why have these been introduced?
  • What does PPDS mean and which products are impacted (and which aren’t)

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About the Speakers


Barbara Hirst is widely recognised as an expert in allergen management. With an extensive analytical background, she uses her 20+ years' experience of working with food manufacturers to give advice on how to plan and carry out cleaning validation studies.



Jessica Sage is experienced is advising on appropriate testing methods and results interpretation. Jessica's solid understanding of different manufacturing environments is invaluable when guiding businesses in how best to carry out a successful cleaning validation.


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