Achilles Tzoris Qualified Person Journey

Driven by his belief in the quality and safety of medicines, Achilles tells us why RSSL appealed to him most as a working individual, the high level of expertise of the tutors and his biggest piece of advice for anyone taking their viva!



What made you become a QP?

Coming from a family with a medical background, I have always been involved in discussions about medicines, diseases, cures and formulations. This has given me a strong belief in the quality and safety of medicines, which has been a guiding principle throughout my long career in human and veterinary health pharmaceuticals.


So as soon as I realised the scope of the QP role, I saw it as an interesting way to broaden my knowledge and fulfil my childhood dream of exploring every available opportunity for a chemist in the pharmaceutical sector.



Why did you choose to do your training with RSSL rather than another provider?

RSSL was recommended to me by industry professionals, but I also had the chance to take part in a preliminary training session run by the organisation several years ago when I was impressed by the presentation of the training package, the tutors at that time and the cost to benefit ratio.


In addition, I believe that the QP modules offered by RSSL are better tailored to working individuals.  They may be more concise on content than similar modules offered elsewhere, but they are more suited to a busy and experienced QP candidate such as myself.



What stage have you reached in your QP training?

It took me little more than a year to complete all 12 modules and I am planning to take my VIVA later this year.


The main issue for me is finding the time to prepare while also being extremely busy at work. As a result, I’ve had to put back my VIVA but certainly want to take it before Brexit which could potentially complicate the situation for me.



How would you describe your training experience with RSSL so far?

Absolutely enjoyable! I miss it and if I could justify the expense, would happily do the course again just for fun of – and possibly to fill in any gaps I’m not aware of.


The level of tutors was extremely high; their knowledge, experience, delivery of the subjects, innovative approach and general approach made it a joy to attend.



What have you found to be the most valuable aspect of RSSL's training course?

The confidence that an experienced and knowledgeable tutor can pass on to the trainee - and the ability to apply it.


When I got back to my day job, I realised that I was using what I had learned from the training course automatically; almost subconsciously. Of course, it doesn’t happen magically. You do have to work hard, engage with what’s on offer and expand on it in your own personal time.



What has been your biggest challenge during the process so far?

Time to ensure my knowledge and training is sufficient to take the QP VIVA.



What advice would you give to anyone considering taking part in the RSSL QP training programme?

Do it!  Be involved. Take it all in. Pay attention to detail. Ask questions and challenge!


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