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Transforming lives through science, innovation and collaboration...


We're a cutting-edge food and pharmaceutical research company, pushing the boundaries of science and innovation to help make our world safer, healthier and more sustainable. Our clients trust us to deliver innovative solutions to real-world problems through rigorous analytical testing, state-of-the-art research and development, customised consultancy and pharmaceutical training services. In everything we do, we are focused on transforming lives through science, innovation and collaboration.


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From climate change to artificial intelligence. From pandemic disease to genetic medicine. Our world is changing, creating new opportunities and new risks. This complex, changing world may seem overwhelming - the problems too big the changes too fast.


At RSSL however, we're leaning into the future evolving, adapting and embracing change. We're a team of 350 scientists, innovators and problem solvers, using cutting-edge scientific techniques and digital advances to find creative solutions to challenges big and small. From our life science laboratories to your patients pharmacy, from our development kitchen and research laboratories to your consumer's kitchen table, from our virtual classroom to yours.


We are a trusted partner to companies big and small, near and far, to make sure the foods, medicines, vaccines and therapeutics are safe, sustainable and effective. From the moments of joy of a shared treat, to the pharmaceutical breakthroughs that give hope to patients with rare diseases, we are proud to be transforming lives through science, innovation and collaboration.

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