Co-creating beverage prototypes in record time

An independent food start-up wanted our support to develop and launch their new health conscious beverage concept. 


With a clear vision and an ambitious timeframe for a new beverage concept, our client needed RSSL’s product development expertise. This was the company’s first foray into the food sector, so working with a knowledgeable partner was vital for their project’s success. 

Our approach


Mindful of the need to fast track the concept realisation process, we invited the client to join us in our development kitchen for an exclusive innovation day. In this collaborative, creative and practical environment, our food technologists were able to streamline the all-important early development stage.


Using our onsite range of ingredients from a network of trusted suppliers, we provided a rapid prototyping service. Building on the client’s basic concept, we optimised the formulation to achieve the target health claims and tweaked the flavour profile for maximum consumer appeal. The fact that we were able to see, taste and discuss samples in real time meant we could share instant feedback and refine each iteration, resulting in much faster progress.


Attention was also given to evaluating product performance under manufacturing conditions. Using our benchtop pasteurisation technique, we were able to closely replicate the processing temperatures and assess the organoleptic properties of the prototypes. We could then address any potential issues and help to ensure a successful transition from kitchen sample to full-scale manufacture.





The client gained an in depth understanding of their product and created a prototype that exactly matched their original vision - within just one day.


The speed of the product development process meant the subsequent trials could go ahead without delay. By working directly with the co-manufacturer to provide ongoing technical support, we ensured processing parameters were correct for the product and the trials ran smoothly.


The product successfully launched in a high-end retailer one month later.

RSSL’s innovation day was inspiring, informative and pivotal to the rapid development of our new beverage product. From concept to final manufacture, the team’s technical knowledge was an invaluable part of the process. We are delighted with the final result.

Independent food start up


Supporting new products with rapid prototyping and innovation days


Developing new products takes plenty of research and experience. Our Product Ingredient Innovation team have supported the development of countless products, from plant based meat alternatives to health and wellness products. Find out how we can support you with your next big NPD project here.

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