Food microstructure & physical characterisation

Using an extensive portfolio of robust physical and microscopy methods, we help you navigate food development and production challenges at every stage of the process.


Successful product development depends on an in-depth understanding of your product’s physical structure and constituent ingredients. You need to know how it will perform under different conditions. Only then can you optimise manufacturing controls to deliver your vision of a consumer-winning experience. Our technical experts can guide you through this process, every step of the way.  


Using a range of analytical techniques, we characterise the physical properties and microstructure of food. These insights help us work with you to address the development and production challenges that come up along the way. Whether you are at the beginning of your R&D process, tackling reformulation, or have hit unexpected quality issues, our investigations will give you the answers you need.  

Mastersizer RD 4515 HR Raman RD 4459 HR SEM1 RD 4311 HR
We will help you:


  • Understand the size, shape, surface, mixing-efficiency and aggregation of different ingredients and how they change during manufacturing to impact final product characteristics through food microscopy.
  • Evaluate the functionality of novel raw materials and key physical properties of early stage prototypes 
  • Explore the internal structure of your product to understand theand impact of different processing conditions on its sensory characteristics and shelf-life 
  • Benchmark your product through competitor analysis and reverse-engineering 
  • Identify the root cause of unexpected product behaviour and poor performance 
  • Measure product quality, consistency and stability 
  • Troubleshoot and resolve processing issues. 

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